Boiler Grants Bradford

Home Owners can now benefit from Boiler Grants Bradford. Free Boiler Grants is a Government backed boiler initiative in Bradford for families as well as individuals who can now apply for the free new boiler.

We have the team of highly trained and certified house heating technicians who will assist you in processing your boiler grant applications along with installation procedure.

Once you successfully applied for this scheme, our friendly and diligent team of professionals will help you for planning your new boiler installation.

What is This ‘Free Boiler Scheme?

Government’s free boiler scheme is actually an initiative for reducing United Kingdom’s energy consumption’s by providing grant boilers for houses across the Scotland, Wales, and England. It offers grants for vulnerable householders so that they can improve energy efficiency of their house.

These Grants are actually non-repayable, which means that you don’t have to pay any cash back in the future without any terms and conditions. If your house qualifies for the boiler grant, you can have it installed with brand new heating controls (if necessary).

Amount of funding you can receive depends on the efficiency of your house. For this, energy assessments will be performed free of charge. In few cases, you may need to contribute some amount. Click Here to Apply

What Happens if You do Not Qualify for Free Boiler Grant Bradford?

We also offer low cost but high quality boiler replacement service in Bradford and nearby areas to people who don’t qualify for free boiler grants.

You can even visit our Website and find detailed information along with discounts that that can match your replacement needs. We are expert in providing high quality customized boiler replacement service since many years in Bradford and nearby areas in UK.

If you are a Property owner and your tenant is getting income-related benefits, then they can also qualify for the replacement of old boiler by using our services. Boiler that is currently installed in your home must be at least Eight years old or At least Five years old and have some fault in it to qualify for Government funding.

Reducing Household Energy Bills

Government has now set the targets for reducing fuel poverty by enabling low income families reduce their fuel consumption using energy efficient central heating boilers.

Our High Quality and cost-effective free boiler grant Bradford replacement services includes free grant application, detailed survey of site, top class installation service, and a great after care service.

We also help Homeowners and tenants to apply for Government’s boiler scheme. We are here to guide you through out free boiler grant application processing as well as installation process. Like our competitors in Bradford, we never work with any third parties.

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Boiler Grants Bradford

As we, all know Free Boiler Scheme Bradford was started in Jan 2013, with an aim to reduce energy consumption in UK and for providing grants to low income householders, for improving energy efficiency of their home.

Also called as home heating cost reduction obligations, this particular obligation provides free boiler as well as insulation grants for tenants, landlords, and homeowners

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Is This Boiler Grant Bradford Scheme Completely Free?

Under this scheme, applicants must fulfil some criteria to avail the benefits and the grant you get will depend on the condition of your home, condition and age of your current boiler and how good it is.

Various installers have access to different levels of funding and can charge lesser for the same installations. We always have access to various schemes as well as installers and can help to ensure that you will always get the best offer that is available.

How Long This Free Boiler Grant Installation Take?

Since we already have access to various schemes as well as different installers throughout Bradford and nearby region, we are always able to get the funding and the installers who can install the new boiler for your house and that too in the shortest possible time. Because of this, getting the new boiler installation done has become very straightforward and easy.

What Are The Criteria for Free Boiler Grants Bradford?

– Your present boiler must be more than 5 years old

– You are using mains gas

– You are responsible for the child who is under 16 years

– Respiratory Diseases

– People over 65 years

– If any woman is pregnant

– You must have a low efficiency boiler in your house

How Does the Free Boiler Grants Scheme Work?

UK Government has set the targets for large energy organizations for reducing the carbon emissions that result from energy production/

Because of the commitment for reducing carbon, energy organizations have started providing funding for more energy efficient boiler systems as well as high quality insulation for qualified houses that also includes free boiler in some of the cases.

Why You Must Opt For Free Boiler Installations?

Approximately 2.5 million householders can benefit from this boiler scheme. Your home can be one of them.

As we have already mentioned, this scheme is totally free provided you meet all criteria and qualify for the boiler grant. In some cases you may have to pay a small amount for the Boiler Installation, rest of the amount will be paid by the scheme which you do not even have to return or pay back.

As mentioned above availing the benefits of free boiler scheme is very simple and straight forward.